get out... like yesterday.


i’m so jealous of all the mama’s on here already having their little ones! they’re all so precious. congrats to all the mama’s on here. i’m ready to poop this little one out. i’ve been over this pregnancy since my first trimester. my family always looks at me like i’m nuts when i say i don’t enjoy being pregnant. especially the women in my family. they’re all like “iTs a BleSsiNg” “pRegNanCy iS bEauTifUl” “yOuR sO unGrAtEfUl” like dude.... stfu lol every single one of them also gloat how easy and breezy their pregnancy was, good for you but i didn’t get that luxury lol i’m dealing with gestational hypothyroidism, gestational diabetes, gestational thrombocytopenia, gestational anemia, and the list goes on and on. all of these things combined have had suchhhh an affect on my body. along side with having preexisting arthritis in my back and knee. plus all the struggles you deal with in the third trimester even in a healthy pregnancy. feeling like our pelvic bones are going to break, feeling like our hip bones will pop out, peeing every 10 minutes, our boobies leaking through our shirts, being out of breath doing sometimes nothing lol, having our organs squished by this tiny human, our nether regions being swollen, braxton hicks, lighting crotch, round ligament pain, baby kicking our ribs, and so forth lol i’m just tired of everyone asking “how’s your pregnancy going” then when i’m honest and say it sucks and i’m just ready to have this baby... i get backlash and already getting mom shamed for my answer.... you asked? sooo take my answer for what it is and shut up. also don’t get me wrong i love my baby, i love feeling his kicks, i love seeing him in my ultrasounds, but i just don’t enjoy being pregnant. i’ve had complications starting since my first trimester. and it’s just been rough since then. i’m a ftm, so it’s all been a roller coaster. i’m 36 weeks and want this boy out!! send help pls.