Did I make a mistake?!

Ps: sorry for the long story 🙈.

Hey Ladies (and some gents), I kinda need help with something and I hope you can help.

Two days ago I broke up with a guy I thought I would spend the rest of my life with. I have been wrecking my brain about whether I made the right decision or not and haven’t come to a decision so I guess I’m here to find out what y’all think (non bias and outsiders perspective).

We had been dating only a month and never have I ever felt so appreciated and loved on in my life. He is 26 and a masters student and also works and I am 22 and an undergraduate student. He was my idea of the perfect gentle man and was just a super great guy who showed me through action and words that he was ready to be with me but there were a few things that didn’t really gel with me.

Before we got together he told me he was moving to Canada and as someone who stays in South Africa, and isn’t planning to move country anytime soon, that is very far and I have never done long distance like that in my life. I hesitantly came to the decision to try proceed in a relationship with him cause he just made me feel all types of special. He then met my mother very shortly after (by mistake), they conversed and my mom ended up telling me he is a good fit for me. I met his friends, who also liked me and the feeling was mutual on my side but he was super hesitant to tell his family about me. He told me stories about how strict his family is and how he needs to date someone skinny (which I am not) and accomplished (I am working on completing my first degree while looking for a job) which he would always say to me. We didn’t align in a few things like travel, political views (I’m liberal and he is centralist

Prior to us being together I asked him why he wasn’t with his exes and he gave me a few reasons but one that stuck out to me is that he said he becomes really mean when he is fighting with someone. Lo and behold my surprise that I was surprised when he was super mean, had all types of attitude and very dismissive of me over a small argument. I ended up breaking up with him over the fact that he could conduct himself in such a way over something so small so I didn’t really want to stick around to see what he would do if we fought over something bigger. I tired to talk to him about it and tried to meet him half way about his feelings but he kept pushing me away and threatened to break up with me on two occasions. Was I wrong in calling it quits and cutting my losses or should I have stuck it out?