Finally Pregnant !!


Gahhh!! It still seems surreal saying it... but after a year and seven months, we got our first BFP!!

We have done three rounds of clomid, a total of 4 rounds of letrozole. We did

<a href="">IUI</a>

twice with the second round being successful!

I wanted to share what I did this time that I had never done before:

1) I asked to take progesterone after

<a href="">IUI</a>

the second time. The nurse said I didn’t need it. I knew it couldn’t hurt. So, it made me feel better!

2) I took Conception vitamins! I’ll post a pic below. I’ve always heard great things about Vitex... this vitamin has Vitex in it.

3) Fertility Mint Tea. I ordered this off amazon. Apparently you should only drink this tea while trying to get pregnant. After conceiving, stop. Pic posted below!