Back Cramps-25 weeks

Brittany • 26•🌈 Lily Mae 6-9-20•👼🏻👼🏻👼🏻

First off I have already contacted my doctors office.. I am just curious if anyone else is experiencing this. 25 weeks exactly today. Today I had period like cramps, but they were in my back. It wasn’t something that would come and go, it was constant. I went and laid in bed on my left side and it lasted for about 30 minutes. Baby has been very active and no other symptoms. The nurse said this could have been Braxton-Hicks, or maybe due to the fact I haven’t been very regular with going number 2 lately. She told me to drink lots of water and rest and that if it happened again to go to labor and delivery just to be safe. This is my first successful pregnancy so I am so paranoid about something bad happening... still.