Neighbor hit on me and now is calling CPS

I didn't know what other group to put this in so if it's the wrong group let me know and I'll happily delete!

Back in January my neighbor that I share a wall with sent me some very vulgar suggestive text messages and eventually asked if I wanted to hook up. He knows I'm married I told him I wasn't interested but he kept pressing the issue. I said no multiple times and he kept asking until eventually I guess he got the message?

A little backstory, he has a girlfriend that lives with him as well as their two kids and last October there was a domestic violence incident where he knocked on our door and asked us to hide a gun. I took the gun to get it out of the violent situation and then called the cops. I gave my statement and the next day this neighbor texted me thanking me for helping him out. ((The gun actually belonged to his girlfriend and she was waving it around and when he got it from her he just wanted me to take it so that she couldn't have it)).

Anyways, since moving in last May I had offered to babysit his kids if he ever needed me too or to take them with me and my own kids to the park, zoo, whatever which is how he ended up with my number.

Ever since I turned him down he remained "cordial" but got creepy. So he would stand outside his apartment door when I was walking in from the car, look out his window constantly, sit in his car and wait for me to return and then conveniently get out at the same time, etc. All stuff he never did before.

I took all of this to my landlord and he gladly let me out of my lease. So this weekend we moved out. My neighbor texted me and I responded that we have moved and that he has made me incredibly uncomfortable so please not to contact me anymore and I will be blocking him. I was very polite but let him know I didn't appreciate his behavior. My phone died probably half a second after hitting send giving him time to respond. When I plugged in my phone he had responded saying I have made him uncomfortable as well especially my interest in his kids which was acting like a "pedophile". He said this explains why CPS showed up to their house and that he has recordings and will be contacting CPS on us as well.

I'm not sure what these "recordings" are, but he made it sound like it was from my kids screaming or something similar? (I do have a boy in his terrible twos who throws some awful tantrums). I am really scared. Not because I'm abusing my kids but because I just moved, my house is a wreck of boxes, I'm due any day now and the last thing I want is CPS knocking on my door. He also said he heard me and my husband arguing and has that recorded on his phone?? I have no clue. I'm really just overwhelmed.

If you were in this situation, would you be worried? I don't have "proof" of him acting weird the past couple months besides the screenshots of the messages (that he asked me to delete numerous times) as well as email updates to my landlord as some of it was happening. Should I be proactive somehow? What would you do in this situation? I can hardly sleep, I just want to unpack and clean constantly but also pregnant with other kids. The stress is real! Any advice?? TIA!!!