Divorce over a child that might have been the product of a sexual assault.

So my husband and I have been having marital problems and we told his parents yesterday of what happened to me on October 13th 2019. There’s a whole investigation launched and when I went to the doctors they took MRIs, X-rays, and lots of labs and gave me the morning after pill. I then went to see my husband (because he’s stationed in GA) on October 24th and then found out November 9th I was pregnant. His mom said to me today that both his parents think that I’m lying about everything and that I just cheated on their son and that it’s good that we are getting a divorce. He told me he would stay even if the baby wasn’t his and today all of that flipped and he doesn’t want to be there. After everything that I’ve gone through and the PTSD after and anxiety attacks and so much more that I just don’t know what to do and I just need advice on what to do.