Awful in-laws???

Sorry for the rant but I feel like I need to take this out of my chest. OK so, I moved to the UK to be with my now husband, leaving behind my family and sick and old parents. It was very hard for me the first month or so I'd say maybe the first couple of months... I couldn't stop thinking about my parents and I had to call them every single day without fail. Since I moved to a different country it was not easy for me to get a job with my qualification since they wanted me to translate all the documents to English and that costs a LOT. Therefore I had to stay home till I was able to translate these documents. I can unfortunately not do any physical job as I am quite weak in terms of health and easily get sick.

Before getting married, my husband found out about religion and decided to have the same beliefs as me as it is what seemed right for him. He said he had always been interested in religion and in no way I forced him to believe in God or anything. However, his mother being a strong atheist, she hated it. She told him she felt like she lost her son. When we went there to visit I brought them cakes my family had made for our marriage celebration back in my home country, which BTW they didn't attend although we offered to because they "didn't have a passport". I also brought a nice gift to his mother, something my husband told me she really liked.(prior to that I saw my husband in London the summer before when we were still dating and I insisted to go all the way back to his home town to meet them the last day of my trip and bring them the typical flower-chocolate gift for the 1st time meeting). When we went to his parents house I was completely ignored apart from the initial greeting to me and her son when we came inside the house. It was the most awkward situation I had been into so far lol. She didn't even ask "how was your trip" or "how are you? ". Nothing. Period. I was sat there watching his family talk about private jokes and conversations I could absolutely not participate in. When my husband tried to put me in the conversation by talking a bit about the qualifications I had she completely ignored it. It hurt me a lot but I ignored it.

Fast forward, his parents invite him to a pub. He then asks if he is allowed to bring me in lol. To which his mum says she has nothing against me. We go there, she's much warmer and nicer and all probably cause she was a bit tipsy which I didn't realize immediately. I then told her we were having our legal wedding done in a few weeks and she was more than welcome to come. It was litterally the smallest one available! We could invite up to 4 people and my husband and I didn't even wear a white dress or anything. It was more for the thing to be done. She then switch topics to her husband and her wedding which I took as her refusing to come. I didn't want to insist and make it awkward. When my brother in law told her he was coming to our wedding she made a big scene about how she wasnt aware of that wedding and no one invited her. My husband told her he had already told her as well, but well she seemed pretty annoyed but still congratulated him. After that, we got married and sent her the pictures we took and she made another big scene saying she didn't know it'd be a ceremony etc etc. Accusing my husband of being selfish for not telling her that it would be a ceremony although we told her it would be a small ceremony with 4 people with us maximum. 1 or 2 weeks later, they came to the house to drop of a drill my husband had asked for and they didn't even want to come inside our house. My mother in law hugged my husband outside, in the hallway and told him "I love you but I'm still mad at you". Another time, my husband had broken his wrist and we had to go walking to the shop but we couldn't carry all the groceries so he called his dad. His dad came and almost completely ignored me without even saying hello. When our eyes finally met I said"hello! " to which he answered" hey are you alright? ". Awkward. In the car, him and his son were talking about things I couldn't say anything about once again, just like the 1st time I went to their house. I had been ignored again.

Another thing is, once we went to his grandmother for boxing day. She then asked me if I was working so I answered "not yet but I am looking to get a new qualification here asap" she raised her eyebrows in a very judgmental way but I also ignored it and it did hurt me because it does build up at some point. My parents have been nothing but nice to my husband and they have always encouraged me to be nice to his parents no matter what. I told my husband I didn't want to be close to his parents/family or try hard like I used to because I don't want to involved with them anymore. I am not preventing him from seeing them or anything but even he doesn't want to go see them. They live 30 minutes away by walk , we do not have a car atm. They don't even try to know if he is OK or text him or anything anymore. I don't even know why they are doing that, I didn't give them any reason to be mean or disrespectful to me. 🤷‍♀️