Appointment #2 - just need to vent before


It’s been about 3 weeks since we had our first appointment. Baby was measuring 7+5 and I was 8 weeks by lmp. Heartbeat was 164 (I’ll never forget that number or that sound!).

Today I have my second appointment. I’m 10+6 by lmp. It feels like it’s been months, not weeks, since our first appointment. I’m so nervous. I really hope everything is still okay. At my first appointment my heart was racing and I was shaking before the ultrasound. I didn’t settle down until we heard the heartbeat.

It’s crazy what a miscarriage can do to your psychological well-being. I’m an ICU nurse so I deal with life and death all the time in a very matter-of-fact and professional way. But going through a trauma totally changes you. I’m usually very calm and collected but these moments are my kryptonite.

Anyways, I’m just hoping and praying for a healthy pregnancy. Boy or girl, doesn’t matter. We just want our family to be whole. Praying everything looks perfect today 🙏😣🤞