Trust issues ***Edit

So my ex cheated on me a lot and I would call him a sex addict. He’d watch porn even on dates at restaurants. I ended it. Over a year later and I got into a new relationship about 5 months ago. I told him my feelings and that watching porn due to my disgust is one of my breaking points. I’ll walk away if I find out that’s going on, there’s no reason he should need it when I’ve offered to send him and let him have dirty videos of me and even offered to let him video tape our sex. It just recently came to him with a sick feeling in my stomach and told him I had found a way to look at his privacy browsing history and he then said he’s been watching porn this whole time. I got upset and left and later when I came back he said, and expects me to trust, that it only happened 5 times since we’ve been together and that he feels really bad about it. Now ladies, this isn’t the first time I’ve ran into an issue like this before. One of his “girl friends” was posting videos of herself in her bra and underwear on a private story he was in and I caught him looking at it early in bed cuddling with me one morning. He unadded her immediately meaning I didn’t get to see any messages between them but the whole time he made the same excuse, “she’s just my friend” “I don’t even like her like that.” Blah blah blah, go back through text messages and tho there aren’t many, there are very descriptive sexual messages between them talking about their arrangements to do it. I don’t know how to take this. I feel lowkey manipulated sometimes and he will admit he does selfish acts all the time without realizing he’s doing it. But I was promised change and I still see sex, kisses and weed more than anything. He took me out to eat, it was a disaster. I had to point out him not listening repeatedly and he always seems to genuinely feel bad, he even seems to get frustrated with himself and when I left he was texting his mom about how he doesn’t deserve anyone’s love. He’s 20 btw. So mom calls freakin out and I have to explain everything and go see if he’s okay. 🙄 I’m just so tired of these fights...


This man has done A LOT FOR ME. Granted I’ve done a lot for him. We have no idea which of us is at fault for it and neither of us care but I tested positive for herpes, my first outbreak happened about a month after him and I became sexually active. He moved an hour away from his family and got a really good job at a factory when I lost my job from calling in sick, I was told I could come to work or bring proof that I went to the ER. He buys me just about anything I ask for, he talks about having kids with me and everything. He’s never had an everyday and certainly not a 12 hour day job before. He used to be really hooked on pills. A lot of his friends committed suicide in high school. Any chance that this possibly ex-fuckboy deserves another chance at my heart or like fuck, do I need to be giving him more time to change his selfish and sexual behavior?