8dpo with no symptoms ? (Read post)

ery • Fur Mama 🐱🐶

Has anyone made it 8dpo with absolutely 0 symptoms?

I had cramping on both sides at the same time on my ovulation day and nothing since. Usually after ovulation I have very sore breast and nipples leading up to AF. I had it for like one day 🤷🏽‍♀️ I usually cramp before AF but that’s always like a day or 2 before so we will see about that.

I also took clomid this cycle on cd 4-8. Second round

Only other thing I’ve had is a moderate amount of discharge. But I didn’t check the consistency or anything. I’ve had a constant stuffy nose and my sinuses are giving me issues but I figured it’s because it’s now March.

Comments are welcome! Engage with me please lol

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