Who’s wrong? (Long winded sorry)

My daughter will be 2 next month, she’s very independent and I like to think she’s very smart (she knows how to do things that you wouldn’t think she knows and what things do) my moms boyfriend was at our house with my little brother who is almost 5 and got EXTREMELY mad at me because I gave my daughter a full slice of pizza and didn’t cut it up, a regular spoon for her Mac and cheese and let her sit at the table like the rest of us.

My daughter won’t eat pizza if it’s cut up, she wants to eat everything how she sees us eat it, especially her dad, she picks it up and takes bites out of it and won’t use plastic silverware, and don’t get me started on the high chair. She sees everyone else sitting in the chairs at the table and wants to sit at the table too.

He said that she is too young to eat pizza without cutting it up, but she has nearly all of her teeth, and that she shouldn’t have a spoon bc she can get hurt, but it’s literally a SPOON and we’re right there watching her, and that she can fall out of the chair but she knows how to get in and out of it by herself.

He’s constantly criticizing me on my parenting, I’m 19 and he’s only 9 years older than me, he says my daughter is overweight, that she’s going to have a lisp (I had one when I was younger but went to classes to correct it) but when I call her my baby hippo or baby bulldog he gets mad at me bc it’s mean?

My little brother smacked her over my husbands phone and when she smacked him back I got yelled at for her doing it bc she’s apparently bigger than my brother. He’s almost 3 years years older than her and my daughter doesn’t like getting picked on, she has a temper like both me and her dad and will smack back. If she was the first to smack I would’ve told her it was bad but not for her doing it back. He tries to say she’s going to bully our new baby that’s due in September but she LOVES tiny babies, she thinks they’re her babies lol.

I just want someone opinion on what to do with someone who will come in my house and tell me I’m raising my kid wrong.