Could i be pregnant?

So over christmas and new year i was with my boyfriend of 1 year. We are long distance and of course we got excited and stupid and had unprotected sex multiple times over the course of about 2 weeks. Of course we knew how stupid it was and after the holidays my period was due on the 19th of january and we were both scared so didnt wait till the period came, i took 2 tests which both came out invalid .. like there was no line after 3 minutes and then one like came about an hour later. 19th came my period was late for about a day and then when it did it was 'normal' as in i was in immense pain which is normal for me but it was lighter than usual, my next period was 4 days late!! 4 days!! Then it was the same as the last where im in a lot of pain but its light .. the last one was heavy for just one day and light on the other 2. I just checked <a href="">eve</a> now and my next period is due in 4 days whats strange is that almost every month.. before this whole mess happened .. 6 days before my period i am extremely moody and then the following few days i have some 'discomfort' where i can geel my body is not like normal and i know my period will be here in a few days .. this time i have not had any of that 🤔 my moods change yes slightly but no discomfort, nothing. And i have gained quite a lot of weight in the last month or so too. 🤔🤔

Also just to mention cause it may or may not be important .. the days i had sex just after Christmas i was on . 'safe days' so just a day after my period. And around new years was also safe days but just before green days where chances of pregnancy are a little higher.

Could i be prengant?? Help??

P.S my mother found out she was pregnant with me at 6 months 😭😭

Also p.s im 22 and hes 24 .. we're not ussually this reckless 🙈