Sleep regression.


Please, help. 😅

My baby boy has never been an amazing sleeper, he’s 4 months old and hasn’t sleep through the nigjt but would preciously sleep 5 hours then wake up every 2-3 after that.

But then about 2 weeks ago? All hell broke loose. We are up CONSTANTLY now. I can’t get him to sleep without a bottle and a prayer to the gods above. I’m assuming this is the dreaded sleep regression.

I am so worked up, becaus everything that works for him, everything online says not to do. Not to give him a bottle, just let him cry.So, I’m such an anxious mess thinking I’m literally screwing up my son, when all I want is for him to sleep and I’m in survival mode.

Is there any other mamas that are soothing their baby still? Or in survival mode like me? I don’t care if it’s in my arms, in the swing, with a bottle..I just do anything to get him to sleep. I’m not interested in the cry it out method, we decided we don’t want to full blown sleep train till he’s maybe 6 months.

Please someone just make me feel better 😭