I'm Not Sure What To Do

I'm engaged, have been since July of last year. Before that, I had been with him for a year. I'm starting to feel like I've missed red flags somewhere, and need help determining what to do.

There's always been issues with him not understanding my mental illness (bipolar disorder) and saying things like my moods make him feel hurt, even after I've told him that it just happens sometimes, and I'll come back out of it. He guilts me when I don't feel like having sex saying repeatedly that I make him feel unwanted or unattractive. We've had arguments over me having my animals (I have a lot because I rescue), that I am extremely attached to and have had for years. He didn't tell me until we were talking about moving in together that he wouldn't let me have them all. I've inquired of going to get a tattoo, but he tells me that he thinks they are trashy and he would resent me if I got one. That would make sense if it was giant and just impulsive, but this is a super tiny butterfly. Not even the size of a penny. Now he is telling me I need to stop watching my sisters in the evening when he isn't even here most of the time when they're here. He's either taking a nap or at the gym. He says it's because me watching them is toxic to our relationship, and it hinders him spending time with me. They're only here an hour and a half at most. He also says that my mom calls every hour, which isn't true. When she does call, he makes faces and gets pissed. Oh, also I can't count how many times I've been told I disappointed by him over stupid shit.

It's been a horrific week of arguments. I'm not sure if I'm overreacting or not. I'm just so tired.