Why Coronavirus is actually scary

Toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizer, cleaning products, medicine, water bottles, ALL GONE. People are buying and hoarding them and not even using them while there are people out there who actually need these products NOW. Not for a bomb shelter or apocalypse but right now at this moment. I'm pregnant and cant even get any Clorox wipes or hand sanitizer for when my child is born because one person decided they needed 50 bottles for themselves. Emergency rooms are packed full of people who are paranoid about being sick so people who actually need dire treatment are being kept waiting, their lives being put at risk. Stock markets are crashing. I've come across 2 people from Seattle who are moving here to my hometown because they're afraid of the Coronavirus. People are literally fleeing their homes. The world is changing and falling apart and that's what scares me. There won't be any events, any products on the shelves. People will hide inside their homes and hoard necessities or try to take advantage of others and buy in bulk just to sell them at a way higher price. There are so many other sicknesses out there that we have faced and overcome but everyone is acting like the Coronavirus is the end of the world. Yes, I fear for the elderly and those with immunocompromised systems. But if everyone would just practice good hygiene, wash your hands, don't go out or travel if you're sick and jeopardize those around you, then we would be able to control it. My state doesn't even have a confirmed case yet but our stores are empty. People are visiting from out of state to buy from our stores because theirs are empty.