Glucose tests! 1hr and 3 hr


Hey guys,

Wanted to share my experience with you! So Monday I took the 1 hour glucose test, and failed it. So then Wednesday my doctor called me in to talk about what we were going to do. She referred me to a dietician, and was convinced i had gestational diabetes, but sent me for the 3 hour test to confirm. Well lucky for me, i took my 3 hour test this morning and found out this afternoon that I PASSED!!!! Yay!! I’m still going to see the dietician tomorrow, to get healthy eating tips just to eat better in general. My doctor said it’s good to go still since they don’t continue to test further along in pregnancy and she just wants to avoid me having any blood sugar spikes. I thought i was for sure going to have GD after i failed my 1 hour. So thankful ❤️