My ex & his misses

Jem 🇬🇧 • ❤ E-J.M.W 💙 T-J.G.W

For Mother’s Day they both got me a lovely card, a box of chocolates, a travel mug, a bath bomb, and some little nail files from my daughter who is 8 (my ex’s child)

Then my daughters step mother popped over to drop something off for my daughter (they had ordered a toy for her and wanted her to play with it today rather than waiting for the next time she was over their house) and Shannon (daughters step mother) asked what I had from my son Theo-Jase (6 month old with my partner) and I said “oh nothing, but thank you so much for the things that you & Nick had bought for me” so she drops toy off and is like “hope your day gets better”

5 mins later there is a knock on my door, so I answer it, she had gone to the corner shop picked up a card & a chocolate bar from Theo-Jase.

I was in tears! She said “I am so sorry but that’s all they had and obviously with social distancing I won’t be in town for a while” but it really meant the world to me! She is amazing, me and my ex don’t normally get along, we have never shown that to my daughter but we have had our fair share of arguments, but without fail every year he has always got a little card & present for Mother’s Day!

It really made my day!