What would you do? 😭

So COVID-19 has finally made it's way to my area 😭. We have 2 hospitals here but only 1 has birthing facilities. I'm trying for a VBAC, my due date is 7th April and I have a c section booked on the 15th April but there's so many "what if's" running through my head at the moment.

I'm not actually worried about catching the virus (really hoping we don't!!).

They currently only have 5 cases here (that we know of) and they are in isolation at the same hospital I'm birthing at.

My concern is that the hospital might be over capacity in 2 weeks time which will mean

- I will be taking up a bed they need for someone else

- if something goes wrong with baby or I after delivery, they might not have the staff or capacity to help us.

I don't know if I should just not try for vbac and push my c section up sooner while things are quiet?

And my toddler can't come to the hospital to meet her baby brother, so if I do have a c section I won't be able to see her for 3 days minimum 😭

It's just hard because I don't know what things will look like in 2-3 weeks and I don't want to put extra strain on the health system if I can help it.

This is not what I pictured 8 months ago (I'm sure lots of you are feeling the same way πŸ’”πŸ˜”)