Husband issues

For the past 2 years I have been asking my husband to stop using hair growth products on his face. He never had much facial hair and has been using hair growth products on his face right before we go to bed. He kisses me and lays down on the bed with that stuff all over his face. I’ve told him to use during the day but he just doesn’t. He only puts it on at night. I’ve thrown out products, but he just keeps on buying.

I refuse to have sex with him with that nasty hair growth stuff on him and also him laying down on my pillows where I put my face!

After crying last time and begging him not to use it anymore he swore he wasn’t going to but today I found a bottle and when I kissed him I could taste this nasty taste I had to wash my lips.

Don’t know what to do about this anymore. Any advice? Seems like a petty thing, but it’s hair growth, I don’t want to have it growing on my face, we share the same pillows and kiss it’s just so gross. Really bothers me and I just can’t live with that.