I think my boyfriend is trying to bait me?

So, I’ve just had a balloon put in to induce labor, and when I had it done I was on gas so was a little bit foggy. My boyfriend just left to get some stuff for me and texted me to tell me that he had accidentally snooped on my notes from the other side of the room and that the midwife supposedly wrote a note that I had clearly had sex within the last week or 2, and that it had definitely involved foreplay and that they needed to ask him about it.

I know for a fact I haven’t, I’ve been staying at the hospital for Weeks now. But that’s not the problem, I just don’t think that’s even something they can tell.

So my question is, can they tell, and if they can why would they need to speak to him about it? I’m a bit pissed off because here I am about to birth his child and I feel like he’s trying to bait me with lies to admit to cheating, even though I haven’t, and he thinks that I’m seriously stupid enough to Believe him just bc he thinks he’s a doctor.