I have found myself depressed and anxious lately

I have seen the timelines and I can't keep living like this for another 2-3 months let alone 18 MONTHS. I have a history of depression and the pandemic has brought it back in full force. I can't seem to bring myself to do anything other than sleep and cry. It hasn't even been 2 weeks yet. I can't see how I can get through this. I've tried to do some hobbies but I get bored and remember WHY I'm doing such activity. After California's shelter-in-place has been set, I don't sleep until around 5-6 am. I'm an extrovert with not many friends so I used to spark conversations with strangers and that would make me happy. Social distancing from my home without friends is my personal hell. Yeah, this whole self isolation and social distancing thing is probably for the greater good, but it has sent me into a dark spiral. I already see my therapist online and so far nothing they say makes me feel any better. I just smile goodbye and go back to sleep or cry in the shower. Don't even have a job.