Back On Our Own


Hello everyone,

In light of all of the closures, my fertility specialist informed me that their office would be closing through most likely May, and I would not be able to get back in until Summer. My husband and I have been trying to conceive our first baby for over a year; we have completed one round of Clomid, 3 rounds of Femara, and we just went through another cycle of Femara with Ovidrel trigger shot round, obviously without success. The only treatment that I have received through our specialist was the ovulation induction via Femara/Ovidrel/Timed Intercourse. She has also placed me on Metformin, Synthroid, and one other medication for my PCOS diagnosis (diagnosed in August 2019). Before the medication route, we tried diet (keto), essential oils, preseed, opk’s, etc. I feel like we have done everything short of taking the ole turkey baster to the bedroom. What I am getting to, is we are trying to stay positive in this time as we both know that there are those out there that are going through much more, but that does not take the hurt away for our longing of a family. I just want to get any recommendations for things that we can try/do over the next couple weeks to months until we can get back into our specialist. Today is cycle day one and I have already ordered a new opk and the fertility drops from The Pink Stork co. Please just drop any advice, suggestions, positive words or encouragement that you can give. We truly appreciate your time!