Coronavirus. Should I work?

I’m expecting and recently got a job as a cashier. Where I live in my city there’s already two confirmed cases of Coronavirus. Working as a cashier you expose yourself to a lot of germs (touching cash, standing close, and etc) I wasn’t really worried much because people were saying its basically the common cold. But I’ve been doing more recently and read a post from someone who had the virus and he was saying it was really serious. Hard to breath, fever, cold chills, sweats, and etc. What worries me the most is the fever seems like it’s hard to break. With the virus it can go up high and when pregnant there’s only so much medicine your allowed like Tylenol. This guys fever went up to 104 and he apparently took Tylenol and I think other medicine too and his fever ran FOR DAYS AND IT WAS HARD TO BREAK. Worries me because I read if pregnant you can’t run a fever above 102 for longer than an hour because if can cause a miscarriage. I keep thinking I should quit. Wanting to know your opinion should I quit?