Odd topic/woman more emotionally aware?


Hi everyone, I don’t mean this in a sexist or non feminist way, it’s an honest question from something I’ve observed over the years. I’ve noticed woman are more emotionally aware and feel WAY much more than men do? I don’t know if this will make sense but there are some days that feel “weird” and just super off and I feel off and almost sad and like it’s not real. It’s like we can sense things before they happen sometimes unlike men who are clueless to some things. For example I’ll have a “weird day” and I’ll tell my boyfriend how I feel weird and he won’t understand what I mean. However when I’ve asked every other woman they understand what I mean. It’s almost a thing you can’t explain or you don’t know how to. We’re more emotionally aware and can feel things men can’t. I really don’t mean to sound mean or sexist but it’s an observation I’ve made. Does anyone relate to this or know what I mean?