Updated cases


All this info is from worldometers.

So in China the total cases were 81,093 with 39 new cases as of this morning. About 3,270 were reported dead while 72,703 were reported as recovered.

In Italy the total cases are about 59,138, no new cases were on the report, total deaths are around 5,476 with 7,024 reported as recovered. In the US there are about 40,791 total cases (which is awful since it happened really fast) with about 7,245 new cases again as of this morning y’all. About 479 people are reported to have died from the virus while currently 187 have recovered.

So with that being said our death rate for the US is being reported as being higher than those that are recovering. Something more needs to be done by government officials so we can prevent these numbers from going up. I personally feel like stay at home orders should be made for all states whether it’s a heavily populated area or not. Fast food places restaurants and beauty supply stores are not essential businesses.