Sex life

Hey ladies I just wanted to get on here and share abt my sex life and maybe help a few of you beautiful ladies out there with yours ! <3

so me and my boyfriend have been together for 4 years and we've known each other since kindergarten and have been best friends since. (We're both currently in college, I'm 19 and he's almost 20) so we've always had a very amazing and intimate sex life but no matter how good the sex is you can always find ways to make it better and some things we've done are making a playlist. This seriously has been so much fun and its very sexy and puts us in the mood almost instantly. It was so fun making it and listening to it while making love is so sexy. If you and your partner don't have a sex playlist I would recommend maybe making one! But make sure you keep it fresh, update it often to keep things exciting. Another thing we've done is just fun silly challenges. So I just had a surgery, nothing major but I wasn't able to have sex for 2 weeks. So we decided to make a challenge to not masturbate and the first one to do so loses and has to give the other one a strip tease and lap dance. And throughout the 2 weeks we were teasing each other and building up sexual frustration and excitement and he lost😂so he had to give me a strip tease and lap dance which was hilarious and just kept things exciting and fun. One last thing we've done is using whipped cream, I know some ppl don't like using food and we haven't used much besides whipped cream but we think it's really fun and we've used it for abt a year now here and there and we've had no issues. We'll put it in my nipples or clit or we'll leave a trail of it down my body and he'll lick it all off. And it's just fun and exciting and it tastes good😂and I've used it on him too. Also toys are always fun, we love using toys. So just wanted to hop on here and share that, hope this was interesting to read and helpful to some ladies out there❤

Also one last thing !! Change up what you do in the bedroom, don't fall into a routine, keep it fun and different and let your freak flag fly😂