Continue ttc, virus?! Number 2... 🙅🏻‍♀️😩

Kelly • Claire born Oct. 8th 2015 :)

Hey y’all... long story short my husband and I have been ttc for our second (really not trying trying but not preventing) in other words I’m not tracking with opks or bbt really just physical symptoms and loggin into glow. Well we are on month 3 and now he’s talking about holding off until all this is over... and I’m like really??? Y’all tell me if I’m the one thinking silly or not but really.. as long as we both continue to practice so I’ll distancing and healthy habits, it’ll prob still take some time to actually conceive and by the time I even fall pregnant then this will be all blown over! (That was my argument)

His argument is that he doesn’t want me or the baby to be at risk and wants to wait a few months then start trying again.. I tried reassuring him via text.. but we’re going to talk more tonight in person after work.. y’all got in talking points or suggestions for me?? I’m not completely against waiting a couple months but I honestly rather just keep at it.. I mean hey we been ok so far and it’s fun (can’t lie 😆) also BTW it took us 4 months of ACTIVELY trying to fall pregnant 5 years ago with our first. (I mean tracking to the max, sex all the time etc..)

What do y’all think??? 🤦🏻‍♀️😔♥️💫