Cheating whilst pregnant

I don’t even know how to start this, or what I should really say.

I am in a state of calm shock at the moment, whilst I sleep next to my two year old and sister in bed at my parents house.

Yesterday was a good day, a happy one and it went really well, I am 34 weeks pregnant and for once I felt beautiful and myself.

I was watching a tv show in my room whilst my

son was playing with my phone, I suddenly just grabbed my husbands watch which I NEVER do, I don’t even know how to operate it properly.

I just thought hey it’s there, I have never used it let’s have a play with it. I have no idea why I went to his messages, I trusted this man with my whole heart. We dated since we were 16 years old, we have a baby on the way like hello?

The first thing I seen on his messages were from random numbers him asking where they are located, prostitution places and asking for photos and they had sent him photos of girls in lingerie.

At the point I was really calm for the sake

of my son, his my life and I never want to traumatise him. I called the number up and said why is your number in my husbands phone? Why are you sending photos to my husband?

The girl responded it isn’t me in the photos but it is my number etc. she goes yes your husband did inquire reason why his got the numbers blah blah blah.

I recorded the whole thing on my phone, and also I got him to come into our room and recorded me confronting him.

Strangely enough he was really calm? Weird. He was swearing he didn’t cheat etc but he was calm? I was calm too and told him I’m going

my parents house and we can talk about it another day. I got my stuff and my sons and left.

I came to my parents house and then my emotions started getting the best of me and I started having intense pain from the stress and ended up in a birthing suit them checking me and the baby, the babies heart rate was 180 high because of my stress.


I am such a good woman, I never go out just anywhere unless it’s with family or my sister, I cook and clean every single day. I live with my in-laws which I adore like my parents, I always maintain how i’ve looked just recently i’ve been not myself in terms of just looking meh.

I love him so much, but why would he do this to me? He admitted he had messaged in the spare of the moment while he was horny, how can I trust him that his telling me the truth?

I always read stories on here and have always said thank god that’s not me, my marriage and family is perfect. I could’ve been more wrong.

What would you do in this situation? I feel so betrayed, disrespected, lied too, cheated on, heart broken.

Please no hate comments, I can’t have anymore stress,