New hospital policy when delivering

Katie • Pitmama | 05182020

I know some of you mama’s, just like myself, are now having a hard time with being told we may have to deliver alone. New York hospital - Presbyterian is currently the only hospital enforcing the rule that the mother isn’t allowed to have any visitors or support person(s) with them during labor and delivery. I’m crossing my fingers that the amount of backlash that follows this will keep other hospitals in our nation from following in their footsteps.

Presbyterian officials are stating that “if restriction of all visitors is implemented, facilities can consider exceptions based on end-of-life situations OR when a visitor is essential for the patient's emotional well-being and care." If this happens to you at the hospital you’re delivering at, demand that your support person be there for the emotional well-being and care of yourself!

I’m currently in Washington State and as of right now, like many of you, my hospital is allowing one support person for the duration of labor and delivery. I’ll be chatting with my OB on Wednesday during our phone appointment about my concerns on this and discussing doing a home birth if our state follows NY in this.

I suggest you all check on your own hospitals website daily! Keep your heads up. We are all in this together and we must stick up for what’s right. Xo