5 weeks and awful morning sickness

Asha • Nina’s Muva💝 . insta ashabonitafuego

Just venting, but still want to hear from all you mommy’s. As soon as I turned 5 weeks I’ve been having awful morning sickness. I found out at 3weeks, by week 4 I just had nausea and gagging every morning. But this 5 week mark is soooo intense, I’ve been using the sea band, preggie pop drops, and ginger ale but no relief. I can’t see my doctor till 8 weeks, and due to the covid19 I can’t come in earlier 🥺. Ladies helllpppppp. People say it could be twins because of how early it’s all happening. I’ve had a ectopic pregnancy before so I definitely didn’t have any symptoms. This is all new to me and I have no one to talk to about it. Not even family. Just my glow family!