What would you do?

I don’t even know where to post this... If a women messaged you and asked you to basically cat fish her husband/boyfriend/fiancé would you? Whatever the stories is weather it was she just wants to make sure, that he’s cheated before and wants to see if he will again, whatever it is would you? I’m in the fence. I had a random girl messaged me on Facebook told me a little bit about herself and then she just came right and asked it. She is pregnant. He cheated on her a few months ago swear it would never ever happen again and what not. She wants to trust him but feels so unsure. She wants her family together but doesn’t always want to question herself or him. While I want to help another women I also Don’t want the drama and I mean I’m 27 years old, if you need to see if your partner is or will cheat on you there’s something wrong or missing in your relationship. I did speak my thoughts on that and told her I would think about it. What would you do?

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