Baby dreads tummy time

Codi • Stroke survivor, FTM to a beautiful daughter

My 5 month old, 3.5 month old adjusted because she was a premie dreads tummy time. She absolutely hates it. We’ve tried a lot of different techniques, using her favorite toys, a large mirror in front of her, getting down to her level, placing a baby pillow under her chest, distracting her with the tv or iPad, and nothing really helps her enjoy being on her stomach. The longest she’s been on her stomach was once for 10 mins. Recently she won’t do any longer than 5 mins without crying and vomiting. She always vomits or spits up, so we usually do it right in the morning or wait several hours after she has ate. I’m going to try and bring this up at her next visit, if I can make one with this virus going around.