breastfeeding questions

Iesha • 26

so first issue is baby hasnt pooped in 2 days. nurse says its most likely because they had me supplement formula for the a couple days since my milk hadnt come in & baby wasnt holding weight. she has no signs of constipation, no discomfort, just extremely nasty smelling farts lol they said not to worry until its 4 days & she shows signs actual discomfort from it. any idea how to help her poop ? they told me bicycle legs & cotton ball to the booty hole 😶

thennn she is now latching like a champ on both sides but now i think i have a sore on one nipple. no bleeding or peeling but it feels like razor blades when shes nursing . i feel it & its one really tender spot. should i just stop having her feed on that one & pump that side for awhile ? i really dont think its clogged at all.