I can say today was a bad day but it will get better

We just found out my husband is losing his job. He works for a private airline and they are laying off 85% of their pilots (he is one of them). It was a heartbreaking video conference to hear. I’m currently 38+1 weeks along. I feel like with everything my joy has been stolen. This is my first pregnancy and it has been terrible. We lost my 19yr old brother in law in October, the military lost my husbands information in limbo and we didn’t have insurance for 3 months, and now the terrible virus that’s going around. I don’t have a job to go back to either, so this is a stressful time.

I just wanted to ask for your thoughts and prayers for us (and many others that are going through similar situations). We will get through this, right now it’s just figuring out the “how”.