Please read before answering!!!!!!

Okay so my best friend ‘Aisha’ is extremely depressed and suicidal, she has been for a while. She genuinely hates herself, she thinks she’s lazy and repulsive and ugly. She keeps saying how she wants to disappear and leave herself (I perceived that as wanting to die), she even said that she was “so fucking ugly that it hurt to look in a mirror”. She also used to hurt herself quite often, I’m not sure if she does it still since I haven’t been able to see her due to the quarantine. She said “Every time I look at the scars on my leg I wonder why I stopped there”. She also keeps saying that she doesn’t know who she is, that everything about her is off of something else, that she basically has no personality. She’s also in love with my ex bf rn, she confessed to him over text today (disclaimer, my ex and I remained close after the breakup and we’ve always been friends, I have no residual feelings for him. He still has feelings for me tho). She’s been saying how bored she is, how desperate for change she is. Anyways, my ex ‘Ivan’ and I were talking about the situation, we’re both extremely worried that we’ll end up losing her. So we’ve been debating about wether or not we should tell her parents? (Another disclaimer: her family is very aware of her depression and suicidal thoughts, even the self harm, and they’ve taken her to therapy multiple times and even enrolled her in a physc ward on one very bad occasion. They’ve been doing everything they can with the small amount of money they have, but nothing’s been working. She’s also on meds as of recently.)

I really do think telling an adult is the best thing to do, but I don’t want to lose her as a friend. Ivan also thinks we should tell an adult but give her a second chance before making any decisions...? I want to act now, because I’d rather lose her as a friend then lose her completely. We’re still unsure what route to take. I thought we could tell our teacher, she’s extremely trustworthy and responsible. But we don’t Know.

Please, anyone with experience give me some advice!!! This is extremely important. Thank you

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