Would you risk it? (Read comment please)

I haven’t been in public for a full 7 days now. I have had a dry throat off and on (worse at night), diarrhea, headaches, very light cough throughout the day, body aches, occasionally I feel chest pressure.... but this whole time no fever. I’ve felt this way for 6 days. I also have extreme anxiety and have spent hours reading symptoms & stories.

I called a hotline and they said sure come in and get checked out. However I’m low risk for testing so they can’t guarantee a test anyway. I was about to go but my husband brought up a good point- if I didn’t have it I could be potentially exposing myself to Covid-19 just by going to get checked out. I’d hate to bring that home to my babe. And in my mind if these symptoms are controllable - as long as they don’t get worse.... the hospital can’t give me anything to feel better so should I risk going in?? What would you do? I’m debating.

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