Newly pregnant


So I’m 21 years old newly pregnant the dad isn’t in the picture exactly. He says he wants to be involved but he’s getting into fistfights, drinking nonstop. He said before that he didn’t want kids. So I feel like I’m more on my own with all of it. But here’s the thing. I’ve had three miscarriages prior the doctors before have said that I have at 27% chance total to get pregnant and carry to term. He isn’t a bad guy but I don’t want to raise a kid with another kid. But he’s made it clear that he will fight me to be involved in the kids life. We dated very briefly hence me getting pregnant. Theirs a night and day difference between him now and how he was before. I need advice on the whole situation because I’m confused as to what I should do. I have a house a spare room a stable job that I’ve worked at for 2 years I have my shit together and could provide a stable life for a child yeah it would be hard but I have friends and family that could help out. I’m just not sure overall how much I should argue with him when I’m not sure I’ll even have the kid.