Are there any lawyers on here??

I moved into a house infested with bed bugs I literally told my land lord 1 hour after moving in and now they are trying to say I brought them I have been staying in the duplex for 3 days now I dont feel it's fair I pay for extermination when I didnt cause it I want to take them to court and get my full deposit back and then some because I have a 3 month old baby here with me. I have a video of the bugs in the closets of my home taken 1 hours after getting the key but I feel like that isnt enough evidence. They sent someone out but he was looking at my mattresses which are really old I fought bed bugs 6 years ago this isnt my doing but I told them I had the a long time ago because he was looking hard on my kids beds. Do yall think i could win this case if i take it to court to get my money back