Does where you go to college really matter?

I got into the top school that’s known for being the best and it’s party lifestyle. It’s number 1 for a lot but it’s EXPENSIVE!

Although there is pros with that there are also a lot of cons and I can’t stop thinking of the cons despite my mom really wanting me to go there.

There about a thousand dollar difference between the second school I got into and the expensive one!

But it is known for being great... I just don’t know if it’s worth it to make my parents take out a $13,000 parent plus loan and me my regular amount of loan I usually get.

The other school gave me more in my loan on top of being cheaper. Parent plus is optional.

The way I see it... how worth it is it to spend A LOT of money that would give me the same education as a cheaper school.. I mean the second school has to be credited enough to continue opening.

What do you guys think?