i think it's time to breakup :(


this is going to sound a little stupid and childish but please bear with me lol.

so about a week ago my bf told me he's been losing interest, but he also said that he really wants to work on things because he'd regret it if he gave up on us. because he was so willing to work things out i wasn't super worried at the time. we talked and figured the issue is most likely that we started having sex too early on, so we decided we'd put that aspect of our relationship on hold until we both felt better.

anyway, it's been a week since that conversation and, despite saying he wants to work on things, he's been very reluctant to work with me. i've suggested facetime or phone calls (because we can't see each other atm because of a stay-home order), i suggested doing little ice breaker activities because i read those can help bring you closer when someone is losing interest, i've tried to play those snapchat filter games with him, or imessage games, but he's refusing to even try any of these things with me. i told him i want to do some snapchat games sometime this week, like a little virtual date, and i got him to agree but he was really reluctant. i have a pretty strong feeling he isn't going to follow through. what do i do? i haven't seen him in 3 weeks now, i miss him like crazy, but any time i try to tell him something like that he tells me to stop whining.

it's so painful to miss someone so much when they pretty clearly don't even want to talk to you. and i've tried bringing it up again to ask why he's so opposed to my ideas, but he gets annoyed when i'm upset and just ignores me. he never used to be this way. when we first started dating he was so kind and understanding. i feel like he's a completely different person now.

and sorry this is a lot, but i also guess i just need to vent about it all. i haven't had anyone i can talk about this to and i'm tired of crying myself to sleep every night over someone who couldn't care less.