Cramping at 30 weeks!

Lea • I have a 10yo son and another BOY on the way! #Juneof20

Hi ladies I’m 30 week yesterday. Last night I went to bed and woke up around 2/3am feeling kind of crampy. I had to pee so I got up and the pain didn’t get better or worse. I went to the bathroom and that helped some. I went back to bed and began having very painful period like cramping. It wasn’t like my normal BH contractions; I get those all the time. I can feel my belly harden and tighten when that happens. These were different. They were exactly like period cramps. They went on for about 20 mins and I had already decided after another 10 I was going to the ER. I put a thicker pillow between my legs hoping that would help and I guess it did because I drifted off back to sleep at some point. I don’t hurt today, I still have had a few BH contractions and my discharge has picked up a bit today but other than that I haven’t hurt anything like I was. I called my dr and have an appointment at 10:45 tomorrow. Anyone else ever have this or know if it’s normal? They told me to “just monitor yourself” but of course now I’m overly attentive to everything my body is doing! Things that I have probably been doing all a long I’m overthinking and just sent myself in to a spiral of worry.