5 week miscarriage

Sharing my story to hopefully help anyone who may read...

I found out I was pregnant at only 3 weeks, my test was very faint. I kept testing and it didn’t darken much. I never got a very dark positive which concerned me but it was my first so I just hoped it was okay. I started to spot around 4 weeks which turned into a heavy bleed and major cramping. I went in and after lots of bloodwork, ultrasounds, and vaccines I found out that I had miscarries at 5weeks3days. I never saw the baby but it still hurt. It’s incredible how sad it makes you feel to have lost such a small part of you.

I am being positive and looking toward the future. My husband and I are going to be moving in less than 3 weeks! I am happy to start over and look forward instead of back.

However, my OBGYN said being I miscarries so early I could start trying again as soon as I wanted once my HCG reaches 0. But I’m scared to!!

What do you think? Wait until we’re moved in or just go for????

Baby dust to all-including myself! 🙏