Hi ladies


So I’m 41wks and 5dys my tomorrow

They’re going to Induce me but I i went for a walk but right after i waked five minutes later my water broke that was an hour ago im not having Contraction even though Before my water broke I had contractions every eight minutes but not for now What should I do.thank you so much mama❤️we made our little peanut made her Arrival I came in the L&D at 8:30mp as my water still leaking they checked me and I was 4cm Dilating my Contraction was 4mnts apart and then Avery 2mnts then after three push’s Boom at 12:30am my sweet little baby girl came to the world couldn’t ask more

She’s sooooo Beautiful adorable😍😍😍🥰she is 6Ib&120z and 20 inches god is great ❤️❤️❤️💚💜✅💯