Anyone Else Not Feeling Great?


Is anybody else not feeling totally...thrilled about everything that’s happening to your body? I’m 8 weeks and 3 days and already have a little pooch going on, haven’t been able to exercise due to pelvic rest and can’t for another week, and feel nauseous and exhausted all the time. I eat a healthy diet, but am gaining so many more pounds and inches faster than I thought I would. Generally, I feel like a blob and I know it’s only going to become more acute as the pregnancy progresses. I feel horrible that I’m not the “wow all these changes are amazing, what a miracle, I love this!” person I see all over these boards and feel so vain, but I’ve always loved feeling strong, being active, and having autonomy in my body. I’m grateful for this blessing after a miscarriage last fall, but I’m also scared that I’ll never feel good about my body again and will feel resentment about it. Is anybody else out there feeling this way?