What a rollercoaster!


I had my first baby girl in 2013 at 21, my second (my son) in 2015 at 23 and we thought we were done!

Fast forward to 3 months ago, we opened our home and hearts to a little boy (my nephew) straight from the hospital after birth because my brother and the mom are addicts and baby was born with drug exposure. He turned 3 months old today and yesterday we found out that we are pregnant! I'm in total shock. 4 children? 3rd pregnancy? An adoption to take place next year? I'm completely in over my head and feeling overwhelmed to say the least. Anyone that has experience with irish twins please send me some encouragement! My nephew (but really my son) will only be 11 months old when the new baby arrives and I'm not sure how to feel.

I know God has his own timing for things and I feel incredibly blessed, but that doesnt make this easy. Also I'm due Dec 30th, so any due date buddies?