Mental abusive boss


Hi gals, I’m a nanny for a 3 year old baby girl for 3 years now I started when she was 3 months old everyday the baby and I get along really well, we paint, she learns from me, I absolutely love her.

Her mom on the other hand is very mentally unstable, I can go into details but I’ll just mentioned 2 things she did yesterday and today that are constant and really want your opinion on it because I don’t feel like myself anymore...

I’m studying to be a surgical technician will finish in August (she’s a surgeon) so I’m taking online clases because of the covid-19 I’m already in hospitals practicing but they paused it because of the virus anyways she says almost daily they’re robbing my money the university and that I’ll have a fake diploma because I’m not really practicing just taking online courses. She checked out my ass and told me that if Javier her operating assistant sees my ass in my joggers his eyes will pop out and he won’t be able to handle it. Mind her I’m married and she went to my wedding, she knows my husband. Javier is married and has a baby??? She left her baby daddy 2 years ago when the baby was 1 year old.

But she used to leave the baby with the dad some days a week until the baby told her that the dad touched her butt and put his tongue inside her mouth from what the mom told me. The baby has never told this to me and always asks for her dad now because they got a protection order. I don’t even get into that problem because I’m just entertainment for the baby. So she accused me of liking the baby daddy because once when she asked (before all the drama mentioned above) if I minded being at the dads house I said I was “a las órdenes” for your orders. And accused the dad of liking me because I look like a 14 year old (I’m 23) nothing suspicious has happened between the dad and I and I have never felt disrespected in front of him.

Then the baby said that she would like to move in a house with Alex the moms new boyfriend, her mom, me and my dog Compai and then said and your husband can fuck off.

I really want to never see her again. My husband doesn’t know any of this and tells me to not quit because the pay is good and he’s not working right now. But I don’t feel like myself anymore like a year ago.