19! Quarantine! Pregnant?


So I am about 13 days late on my period, kind of, sometimes I have a 24 day cycle sometimes I have a 28. Anyways I waited to take a test for a little while because I am kind of a hypochondriac. I took two test and it says within two minutes you’ll know if your pregnant before the two minutes even ended I had a + I’ve also been having really bad nausea can’t stand the smell of certain foods without gagging. Very tender nipples, and also my vagina has been very different. I’ve been super emotional like crying over things that I should not be crying about. I saw that I had a few of these symptoms in the beginning but I’m also a teenager who has crazy hormones and I’m also in quarantine so things are crazy times. I’m going to the doctor to get tested let’s see where life takes me. I could use a lot of support!