Long Distance advice

My husband is getting deported to Mexico in a week. He will be coming back when he gets his visa so he will only be there for at most 2 years.

He has been incarcerated for 5 months now so our son & I have kinda gotten used to our new normal. But with him now going to Mexico my anxiety is through the roof!

I have trust issues already-

He has never cheated on me, I’ve only caught him doing guy stuff like looking at models on Instagram & messaging them saying stupid shit like “damn sexy” stuff like that & once I caught him he stopped. We were also kind of going through a rough patch at that time so we weren’t having sex.

That is where my trust issues & anxiety come in.

I’m afraid of him cheating on me when he’s away.

We will try to fly out there as often as we can but our son is 3 so I don’t see it being easy.

I just need advice. What are some things we can do to keep the “spark” going & fun lil games we can play through text or pictures. Anything to help keep us both from feeling too lonely & keep the faith that we will remain a family until he comes home.