STD help

no judgment please!

so I just got tested for STDs & it came back positive for gonorrhea. I got it from my ex boyfriend. I have only slept with him & another guy the last few months, but only the other guy was protected. so here is my issue... -

few nights ago I hung out with someone I have been talking to! we were drunk & things got heated. He put it in before I had time to ask him to use a condom (because I knew I was waiting my results.) I really like him and feel so horrible that he most likely has it now as well. I didn’t know I was positive at the time.. My doctor was willing to prescribe meds for my “partner”, but I chose to have them prescribed my ex. Just need pointers/advice to tell him? Like I’m beyond anxious and scared to.. I know I need to so please just help me with someone ways to tell him without sounding like a nasty ho*😅 thanks so much.

EDIT: thank you for the advice! I spoke to him and he said he completely understood, he kept telling me he wasn’t mad at me. He was so appreciate of me telling him the truth. He said that it shows a lot about me. :,) he’s going to get treated tomorrow & I was treated today.