i need help


so I've been dating my friend for a little over a month now and a couple days ago we made it official.

a few weeks into the relationship, we started fighting a load about the dumbest things. me being sarcastic, him commenting stuff that made me uncomfortable on other girls' posts.

on our first months-versary ig you could say, we were in a fight and after it was kind of sorted out i told him that on that day we've been together for a month and he literally said: we're unofficial

i knew that i'm not stupid, but hearing that as an excuse not to give a shit really hurt.

honestly to put it bluntly, he's a prick. we've made it official nearly two days ago and ever since we've become more distant and idk what to do anymore. i've tried talking to him, be a bitch about, be gentle, give him space, try to keep him close. nothing seems to be working and i'm just tired of being the supporter the whole time and not the supported.

i have been in a very unstable relationship and he knows about it but it's starting to feel like one all over again.

any advice?